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Asteroid 10370 Hylonome

Named after Hylonome, a beautiful and civilized female centaur.

This file is not available for download, but provided by the Alcyone Ephemeris Small Body Data File DVD.

Alternate designation1995 DW2

Osculating Orbital Elements
Semi major axis24,9984 AU
Period [Julian yrs]124,990 Julian years
Lon. of ascending node178,226
Argument of perihelion6,361
Passage of perihelion1995-May-23.389820
Aphelion distance31,1325 AU
Mean anomaly4,145

Physical Data
Absolute magnitude (H)8,3778
Magnitude Slope (G)0,15
Spectral classn.a.

Discovery Circumstances
DiscovererD. C. Jewitt and J. X. Luu

Data File
Data File Name10370_Hylonome.aed
Data File Date2006-12-23
Data File Size552 kB
Covered Period1800,00 - 2100,00